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2019 Truths, Myths, and Dogma: What to do about improving your metabolism February 10th Dawson’s Market
225 North Washington Street
Rockville, MD 20850
You may already understand the many metabolic factors that lead to weight gain. It’s one thing to know what they are in theory, but it’s a whole other issue to recognize your own micronutrient deficiencies and apply that knowledge practically in your own life. This workshop will help you identify and sort through all the myths, dogma, and controversy surrounding how your metabolism functions, whether your need micronutrient supplementation, and how to take your next steps forward in helping your metabolism function in the most optimal way.
2018 Hormone Happiness
A Provider’s Guide to the Basics of Hormone Evaluation and Therapy: A Practical 2-Day Preceptorship
November 9th-10th Silver Spring, MD Individual or Small Group Instruction directed to providers interested in understanding hormone evaluation in a primary or specialty health care practice.
2018 Nutrition and Surgical Healing and Recovery
Skin Health from the Inside Out: The Role of Antioxidants in Inflammation and Healing
August 10th-11th Scottsdale, AZ Aesthetic Everything Beauty Expo
The #1 Aesthetic Trade Show in the southwest that will draw in over 2000 national and international aesthetic and beauty industry professionals. Over 100 Exhibitors, 50 Key Note Speakers and exceptional evening events and networking at the beautiful 5 Diamond Phoenician Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona.
2018 Basic and Advanced Metabolism and Weight Loss 3 and 6 Day Course and Preceptor Program May 14 – 16
May 14 – 19
July 9 – 14
Maryland/Washington D.C./Virginia Metro Area. Place to be announced. This practical didactic and hands-on preceptor program focuses on metabolism management, hormone evaluation and nutritional dietary guidance for sustained weight loss in all settings. You will get didactic discussions and review effective weight loss protocols with immediate live patient case-study application. This is NOT a chain, franchise, or one-size-fits-all program. What you learn you bring immediately to your practice the following Monday.
2018 Basic & Advanced Botox 2day Training Course February 16 – 17 Silver Spring, MD This is how to combine Beauty, Art, and Medicine. You will be seeing actual patients of all types. This is very practical, one-on-one training. We will also discuss how to utilize these skills with PRP treatments. You will leave the course comfortable with the procedures.
2017 Advanced Hormone Evaluation and Replacement Course November 10 – 11 Silver Spring, MD
  • Testosterone/Estrogen Replacement Myths
  • Advanced look at HPA Axis disruption
  • Specific Laboratory Review
  • HRT in the Complex Patient
  • Thyroid, Cortisol, and Insulin Connection
  • Systems Biology Approach to HRT
  • Advancing Metabolism with Food/Nutrients
  • Creams, IM, sq, and Pellets
2017 A4M MMI Weight Symposium October 6 – 7 Boston, MA
  • Metabolism Management Definitions: Literature and Reality
  • General Approach to Metabolism/Weight Loss Programs
  • Sustained Weight Loss: Review of Literature
  • Specific Diet Start‐Up Guidelines
  • Role of Medications and Supplements in
  • Metabolism/Weight Loss Management
  • Thyroid/Adrenal/Pancreas Connection: “It’s not just for Weight Loss
  • General Review of Laboratory Studies in the Weight Loss Patient
2017 Old North State Medical Society June 23 – 24 Raleigh, NC
  • Nutrition and Medicine: Truths and Myths
  • VLCD and the hCG Protocol
2017 Southeast Regional Integrative Medical Conference June 3 – 4 Asheville, NC Hormones in Our Toxic World
2017 George Washington University June Washington, DC Health Coach Certification Program, Curriculum Developer and Primary Instructor: Live Instruction, 80 hours
2017 Age Management Medicine Group (AMMG) Conference April 27 – 30 Championsgate, FL Clinical Applications for Age Management Medicine
2017 A4M Obesity Conference* March 2 – 4 Las Vegas, NV
  • Module XIV-D: Weight Management – Putting it All Together
  • *A4M Metabolic Medical Institute/George Washington University College of Medicine Lectures. 9.5 hours of CME lectures
2016 Medical Metabolism Institute Graduate Course Dec 9 – 11 Las Vegas, NV
  • Nutrition and the Bariatric Patient
  • Post Surgical Medical Management
  • 4 hours CME Lectures
2016 Old North Carolina Medical Society (ONCMS) Annual Symposium June 24 Raleigh, NC
  • Nutrition and Medicine*
  • Gut-Neuro Connection*
  • 2 CME Lectures
2016 A4M and MMI Graduate Program Course June 23 Raleigh, NC
  • Physical Assessment for Bariatrics and Weight Loss Programs
  • Metabolism Management of Bariatric Surgical Patient
  • 3 CME Lectures
2015 24th Annual World Conference of Anti Aging Medicine MMI, Module XIV‐A‐ Individualized Weight Management for the Patient October 8 ‐ 10 Chicago, IL 6 hours of Lectures including the following Subject Titles:

  • Metabolism: A System Biology Approach to Improvement
  • Introduction to the Gut-Nervous System
  • Metabolic Syndrome: Definition and Physiology Cost
  • Fat Loss Strategies: An Evidenced Based Look at Weight Loss
  • From Bariatrics to VLCD: A Look at Different approaches to Weight Loss
  • Nutrition and Medicine
2015 Advanced Hormone Training Course January 31 Silver Spring, MD
  • Curriculum Developer and Primary Instructor
  • 8 Hour Practical Course
2014 Health Care Professional Alliance (HCPA) Prioritizing Prevention Conference October Provo, UT
  • Nutrition in Pre and Post-Surgical Care
  • Truths and Myths of Metabolism Management
2014 Primary Health Care Practitioners Training February Provo, UT Supplements: Why the Controversy?
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